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bank in Poland.


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voice-over artists..
More than 2.500 of satisfied clients.
More than 45.000 recordings.

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Are you looking for a voiceover talent for an advertisement, film, presentation, training or multimedia project?

Since 2001, we have been running the first online voice bank in Poland, which is also one of the first in Europe.
Our ordering system is simple, quick, reliable and can be used 24 hours a day.

We help enthusiasts and first of all, we support media professionals. We provide excellent voices, perfectly suited to exceptional productions within the shortest amount of time possible and at the best price possible.
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New voices from Southern Europe

Directly from Madrid and Lisbon to the first group of our bank - Marina and Marcos, that is to say Spanish and Portuguese at an attractive price are at your disposal!

New native speakers!

Ukrainian and Russian are languages perfectly mastered by Roman - from today on, available in the first price group. Furthermore, we present you four fantastic voice-over artist from Serbia - Tatjana, Bojana, Goran and Vladimir are at your disposal in the second group. Come and try!

Seven new Polish voices in our base!

A new bunch of Polish voices in the Mikrofonika base. As usual, we offer only strong or promising people who will be pleased to lend their magical vocal skills in order to make your message maximally more attractive. Search for them in the panel and remember to click the “new” option in the search box.

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