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News - It's worth to be kept posted!

It’s time for new voices from abroad.

This time, there is a huge predominance of the fairer sex. Germany, UK, Slovenia and Romania with a man from the RSA in the lead!

Have you not heard new voice-over artists for a long time?

We are catching up. This time, we would like to offer as many as eight very interesting voices. Believe us that despite the common belief, quantity goes hand in hand with quality in this case! Discover the voices of Agnieszka, Michał, Mateusz, Paulina, Justyna, Krzysztof, Paweł and Błażej.

Terms & Conditions ver. 1.2

An amendment of Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy of service will enter into force on 1 January 2019, you will find current versions of documents in your client panels and at: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

First of all, thank you for the passing year! It was as very intense time and we hope that you had at least as much fun from our common work as we did. For next year, we wish you even more exciting projects and much time and health to carry them out. Talk to you soon!

New voices from Southern Europe

Directly from Madrid and Lisbon to the first group of our bank - Marina and Marcos, that is to say Spanish and Portuguese at an attractive price are at your disposal!

New native speakers!

Ukrainian and Russian are languages perfectly mastered by Roman - from today on, available in the first price group. Furthermore, we present you four fantastic voice-over artist from Serbia - Tatjana, Bojana, Goran and Vladimir are at your disposal in the second group. Come and try!

Seven new Polish voices in our base!

A new bunch of Polish voices in the Mikrofonika base. As usual, we offer only strong or promising people who will be pleased to lend their magical vocal skills in order to make your message maximally more attractive. Search for them in the panel and remember to click the “new” option in the search box.

New European voices in the base.

Many Polish voices have appeared in your panels lately. Now, it’s time for foreign voices. Italy, Germany, Lithuania and Czech Republic are the countries of origin of our new companions. Welcome aboard!

Merry Christmas and a lot of success in 2018!

Dear friends, how long have we been working together? We hope that we managed to transform our relations throughout this time. You aren’t our clients. You are our collaborators, colleagues from work. That’s why we would like to send you our best wishes for health, love and success. All the best in the New Year!

Changes in price list since January 1, 2018

Attention! Important information. On the first of January 2018, we're going to change the price list valid since 2011. As you know, it's important for us to reach a compromise between expectations of our voice artists and budgets of our clients. That’s why, if you are our long-time collaborator and you settle your payments in a timely manner, please contact us to talk about an individual discount. We promise that we’ll do our utmost to ensure that this change would have as low impact on you and your company as possible.

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