More than 1st internet voice
bank in Poland.


More than 450 professional
voice-over artists..
More than 3.000 of satisfied clients.
More than 80.000 recordings.


  • More than 1st internet voice bank in Poland.
    More than 450 professional voice-over artists. More than 3.000 of satisfied clients.
    More than 80.000 recordings.

How does it work?
We have tried to make it as simple as possible:

  • First, fill in the registration form. Provide the data of the company, specify your needs, and wait for us to contact you.
  • You will receive a start message containing your login and password. From this time forward, you will be able to order any voiceover talent from our database.
  • After logging in, you can choose your voice in a convenient manner, add files with text, and place an order using a simple online ordering system.
  • When recordings are ready, you will receive information about the fulfillment of your order.
  • Files in the selected format can be downloaded from our server using your browser.
  • If everything is okay, we will send you an invoice on the last day of the month with a 14-day time limit for payment.
  • Simple, isn’t it? But just to be on the safe side, we prepared a video tutorial for you. Watch it on our YouTube channel.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to wait to receive my recording?

Everything depends on how long the text to be recorded is. Voiceover talents marked in the database are able to record on every business day. Therefore, small orders can be fulfilled within 24-48 hours. The deadline for delivery is always confirmed after an order is placed. We will inform you in advance should there be any problems.

Can I receive more than one version of the recording?

For commercials, three versions is a minimum that you should expect. For longer recordings, we try to prepare one good version.

If there is a mistake in the text of the order, do I have to pay for it again?

Basically, yes. For commercials, you can expect costs again if the text of the recording has been changed, e.g. because of client's request. In multimedia recordings, minor corrections are paid for as a one page of the recording. But we always try to avoid additional costs. If it is not possible, you will always pay the lowest rate available.

What additional information should the order include?

All additional information is welcome. First of all: the required delivery deadline, expected duration of the recording, description of the production, background style, sample production and, of course, place and time for using the recording.

Can I broadcast the recordings as long as I wish?

Not always. You can use telephone recordings, presentations, trainings, instructions and promotional films without a time limit (excluding paid promotion). Advertisements are treated differently. The standard time for broadcasting an advertisement is 12 months from the moment the commission is finished. After this period, the system will remind you about a possible licence renewal by e-mail. The cost of extending the service life for another year is 50% of the original price.

My recording has not been included in the price list. How do I determine its cost?

Send your script to with a detailed description. You will receive a preliminary quote very quickly.

What should I do if I wanted to change the area or time for the use of the recording?

It is enough to contact us to extend the area for use of the order and change the broadcasting time. If the area of the recording usage is more expensive or the broadcasting time is extended, it will be necessary to pay the difference, but remember - if it is not necessary to record again, you can always expect an attractive price.

Can the prices provided in the price list be negotiated?

Are you a regular client of ours? Do you have a history of on-time payments? Then, you are certainly using our discounts already. If we do not know each other yet, you can expect occasional discounts if your orders are very large, prestigious, or exceptionally prospective.

Can I request a test recording of my text?

Sure! We advise you to organize a casting if you have doubts about voice selection. The cost of recording of each participant is always the lowest possible rate in the group, and the guaranteed comfort of selection cannot be underestimated. We will suggest this solution ourselves for non-standard projects.

I do not like the recording. Do I have to pay for it?

As with everything, you can file a complaint. However, remember to provide a good justification for your decision and give the voiceover talent a chance to correct the recording. If your are not sure if the voiceover talent will meet your expectations and your production is complicated and expensive, ask our opinion first or request a test recording.