More than 1st internet voice
bank in Poland.


More than 450 professional
voice-over artists..
More than 3.000 of satisfied clients.
More than 80.000 recordings.


  • More than 1st internet voice bank in Poland.
    More than 450 professional voice-over artists. More than 3.000 of satisfied clients.
    More than 80.000 recordings.

News - It's worth to be kept posted!


First look at VO+AI.

At the 8th National VOs Meeting, we decided that it's time to show our clients what we are working on with our talents. Therefore, we invite you to the VO+AI project website -, where you may listen to prototype models of our voiceovers based on artificial intelligence. The work is ongoing. We want to create a tool that will make it easier for our clients to select the right voiceover, help create demo recordings and embed the voiceover track in timeline. We are working on implementing this solution in your panels at Mikrofonika’s website. If you are interested in this, have ideas or comments, write to us at or reply on FB - VO+AI. We'd really appreciate it.


New voices in the bank!

"Spring, a warmer wind blows...," and we have eight new voices - including such legends as Mr. Zbrojewicz, Załuski, and Budnik. Be sure to check it out!


Changes in the price list from January 1, 2024

Attention! Important information! As of January 1, 2024, we are changing the current price list. After freezing prices for the year 2023, the inevitable time for adjusting rates has come. Dear customers, we believe that you will be able to convince clients to pay a bit more for their favorite voices. But as always, we don't forget about you. We value you. Therefore, if you are our regular customer and make payments on time, be sure to talk to us. Together, we will work out a compromise to make the change as minimally impactful as possible for you and your company.


Autumn is here, and...

...and to sweeten this period a bit, we present five fantastic voiceovers! Filip Kosior - the prince of Polish audiobooks. Jarosław Juszkiewicz - widely known from Google navigation. Adrianna Izydorczyk, a fantastic young voice from the third group. Incredibly talented Łukasz Talik and Kuba Golonka - the only junior in this group, but with a calling for youth squad.


The Magnificent Seven

This time we're introducing only women. It wasn't planned, it just happened :) And we're very happy about this twist of fate :) Four children's voices and three adult voices. Make sure to check them out!


Attention! Change in bank account numbers!

Dear customers, invoices issued by Mikrofonika in 2023 will have changed account numbers for transfers in PLN, EUR, and USD. You will find the new data in the settlement message and on VAT invoices. Other company data remains unchanged. Please update your data or notify the accounting department.


Four new VOs is awaiting your orders.

Among them, you’ll find a person taht made a huge impact on a dubbing industry. Who’s that? Log in → New order → Marked as → New. You already know? We highly recommend the whole four.


A change in our price offer starting January 1st 2023 - an update.

Dear Customers, beloved voice overs. We feel like agents to all of You. We always tend to balance the interest of both sides. This is why the price changes in our offer always were made at the turn of the year, in two-year cycles, and were always announced with one month noitce. And it will remain so. Despite the earlier announcement concerning price list changes starting Jan 1st, the team has decided to freeze the prices in 2023. We wish you all (on both sides of mic) more orders and a better year. Speak soon!


The 7th Polish National Voice Overs Convention (OSL)

We know the date of the 7th OSL. We're inviting voice overs to come to the seaside at 24-26 March 2023. The details will be posted on our fanpage and website


A change in our price table from January 1st 2023

Attention! Important info! After January 1st 2023, we will be changing our actual price offer. We all have to deal with inflation and increasing costs of running a business. The VO market in Poland, which was actually never expensive, is encountering unfovarable economic conditions with double power. This, unfortunately, translates to our prices. Alas, we do not forget about our clients. We are aware, that you are struggling as well. You know us. We care about you. For that reason, if you are our regular customer who settles payments on time, you are obliged to talk with us about your individual discount. We will work out a sensible compromise that would make the changes as little discernible as it gets.